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Q. What fitness centers or gyms in the Tampa Bay area have StimuLight?

A. Try StimuLight in these locations in Tampa Bay.

Q. What is StimuLight?

A. StimuLight bathes the user with soothing near infrared wavelengths of light which stimulates the energy processes in the cells resulting in a variety of benefits. These benefits include increased metabolism, more body fat burned, better circulation, detoxification, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, and the release of HGH. StimuLight is independent of the exercise equipment. It can be combined with almost any type of cardio equipment including bicycles, treadmills, and elliptical machines. You can purchase StimuLight separately or as complete package including certain cardio equipment.

Q. How does StimuLight actually work?

A. Sunlight is made of UV, visible and infrared light. It has long been known that UV light causes the production of Vitamin D. What has been more recently discovered is that certain wavelengths of near-infrared light stimulate the energy processes in the cells causing increased metabolism.

By bathing the exerciser with penetrating near-infrared energy, you actually stimulate the mitochondria in the cells to produce more adenosine triphosphate, commonly known as ATP. ATP is the chemical energy necessary to run every cell and muscle in your body. When you increase the production of ATP, you are actually increasing the body's metabolism causing more calories to be burned.

The slight warming effect of infrared also increases the user's circulation, provides more blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, detoxifies the body, increases flexibility and reduces pain in the joints and back. Increased heat stimulates the release of Growth Hormone which slows down the aging process and causes Lipolysis, the breakdown of fat. We call this the double effect - not only does the infrared cause StimuLight to burn more calories, the mild heat reduces body fat.

Q. Is StimuLight safe?

A. Completely, infrared energy is part of the range of electromagnetic rays that are absolutely necessary for metabolism and growth of human beings and it is also part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight. It is also vibration energy, with which the human body resonates. This is why it can penetrate the skin up to 23 cm's deep. Infrared is so safe it is used on premature babies. No eye protection is needed.

Q. Is it hot? Isn't heat bad when exercising?

A. Too much heat can be bad but controlled warmth is desirable for increasing circulation, releasing growth hormone, raising metabolism, reducing pain in joints, and increasing flexibility (think about "warming-up" before you exercise).

You can compare the feeling of using StimuLight to the feeling when the sun comes out from behind a cloud on a cool day. The suns rays comfortably penetrate your body. Most people after 3 sessions become "addicted" to the sensation of using StimuLight.

Q. Why haven't I seen such a device before?

A. Infrared in conjunction with exercise has been commercially available since 2000 in Europe but it has been cost prohibitive. StimuLight is the first affordable model.

Q. What proof is there that this works?

A. The benefits and science of near-infrared is well-documented. Every benefit on our "Infrared Benefits and Weight Loss" page has references to numerous medical and scientific studies documenting the effects of near infrared. "The Scientific Proof" page has links to the research on infrared.

Q. Who should use StimuLight?

A. Anyone who wants to:

Q. Why should I buy one for my business?

A. If you want instant positive cash flow, and year around cash flow, a fast ROI, buzz for your business, more loyal customers, and an advantage over your competitors, get StimuLight.

Another reason is most businesses have a limited geographic market. You may not be able to change the number of people living or working in your market, but by offering weight loss, fitness, skin care, cellulite, detox and more, you can market to a much higher % of customers in your market.

StimuLight is so profitable because it does not increase your fixed costs so most of the money you make from it goes towards profit. Think about it, you are already paying rent, paying for employees, etc, why not generate additional revenue from existing and new customers?

Q. How much does it cost to buy?

A. StimuLight is sold with and without exercise equipment. We can not give the price on the website as we have several models, but we will give you one hint, you are buying direct from the manufacturer and as far as we know, we are the lowest priced Infrared Exercise equipment manufacturer in the world. The most important thing to ask is how long will it take my business to pay off StimuLight. That answer is probably faster than any piece of equipment you can buy for your business. We have clients paying off their Stimulight devices in as little as 3 months during slow season! We do offer financing if needed.

Q. How much does it cost to operate?

A. The price of the electricity, which is minimal. StimuLight by itself is just under 16 amps and most exercise equipment is 0-9 amps. There are no increase labor costs other than first showing customers how to use it and possibly reserving appointments.

Q. How much can I charge to use StimuLight?

A. Weight loss, faster workouts, anti-aging and pain relief are very valuable services and clients will pay more to use StimuLight then they will to use an entire gym, for example! In other words, you can charge more for a 75 sq ft room than a 10,000 sq ft club! What you actually charge depends on many variables such as what you charge customers for other services, type of business, your demographics, etc. We have customers that charge by the session, by the month, by annual contracts, etc. Please call us and we can give you prices charged by businesses similar to yours.

Q. Why is StimuLight so successful in Health Clubs, and Fitness & Wellness Centers?

A. Besides the fact that customers get results faster and love them, there's an added advantage if you can put StimuLight in a private room: the customer feels much more comfortable about working out. Many customers are intimidated by going to a gym and having to workout in front of everyone.

Q. What should I wear?

A. The more your skin is exposed to the infrared, the better. Ideally, StimuLight should be placed in a private room if available.

Q. How often should I use StimuLight?

A. This depends on your health and we can not give you medical advice. Ideally, you should be doing cardio with StimuLight a minimum of 3X per week for 20 minutes using our "Energy Express" workout.

Q. Is it true that my recovery time is decreased with infrared?

A. Because near-infrared causes DNA synthesis and increased ATP production, recovery from Microtrauma, the tearing down and rebuilding of muscle cells after a workout is accelerated. Many people experience much less "soreness" the next day after working out with StimuLight. Bodybuilders can sit under the infrared for 15 minutes after their workout and reduce "post workout soreness".

Q. How long does it take to see results?

A. Many people experience more energy and inch reduction in three to six sessions. Results are always based on measurements, not weight, as StimuLight will help you increase muscle tone which is heavier that fat. With all weight loss, good nutrition combined with exercise is critical. Losing weight on StimuLight has some significant advantages over other weight loss methods. You are participating in cardiovascular exercise which improves your overall health, reduces fat and increases muscle. Due to increased muscle and release of growth hormone, you are burning fat long after you are working out.

Q. Does StimuLight project ultraviolet (UV) rays?

A. StimuLight does not have ultraviolet (UV) rays, so it will not tan you and no special eye-wear is necessary.

Q. Will the infrared help my skin?

A. Yes, infrared is used for facials and with tanning beds because near-infrared stimulates DNA Synthesis of fibroblasts making the skin much younger looking and healthier.

Q. Can StimuLight reduce cellulite?

A. Yes, the light produced by StimuLight's special infrared lamps convert light energy to heat energy, which penetrates the skin and subcutaneous layers softening the cellulite pockets, while simultaneously increasing blood flow to the area. This reduces fat, while the increased blood flow improves the connective tissue which reduces cellulite.

Q. What other ways can I make money with StimuLight?

A. You can sell drinks. It is important to stay hydrated. We recommend drinking 16 ounces of water - 8 ounces during, and 8 ounces after each session. You can sell lotions. Anti-cellulite or skin rejuvenation creams can also be sold.

Q. What is the difference between StimuLight and Far Infrared Saunas?

A. The first difference is only StimuLight is used in conjunction with working out, giving you the well-known benefits of exercise.

The Second difference is the wavelength of light. StimuLight produces near-infrared (600nm - 900nm) while the Infrared Sauna produces far-infrared (6,000nm - 14,000nm). The human cells have light sensitive chemicals called chromophores which react to light in the 600nm - 900nm range. When stimulated by energy in this range, the cells produce more ATP which is the energy source that powers every muscle and increases metabolism. Near-infrared also causes DNA synthesis in the fibroblasts of the cells which makes the skin more elastic and younger looking. In addition, near-infrared promotes cellular healing, thus reducing the recovery time after a workout. Far-infrared does not have these same beneficial reactions with cells. Near-infrared also penetrates much deeper, up to 23 cm's deep, as compared to approximately 3 cm's for far-infrared.

Far-infrared is used without exercise while relaxing and is very effective in heating up the body. Both StimuLight and Far-Infrared Saunas accelerate the body's natural detoxification processes. Many people use the far-infrared saunas in addition to StimuLight, as there are benefits to both.

Q. Can I buy one for home use?

A. Yes and we can ship worldwide.

Q. Can I Use StimuLight with My Existing Fitness Equipment?

A. Yes, you can buy StimuLight separate and put it around your favorite piece of cardio equipment such as a bicycle, treadmill or elliptical machine.

Q. Who should not use StimuLight?

A. Anyone with the following conditions: Heart problems or pacemaker; decreased cartilage; lessened pain sensibility due to other treatments; shortness of breath; been told by a medical personnel not to exercise or be in abnormal heat; pregnant.

Elite athletes, people who workout occasionally, and business owners ask about the clearest path, and the most reliable methods for achieving their goals.

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