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Does Infrared Exercise Really Work?

Infratherapy is the combination of Infrared energy with cardio exercise, and it provides many benefits. In fact, it may be that no exercise equipment on earth provides as many benefits an Infratherapy system does.

"My results have been amazing. I had Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and I was also diagnosed with having Clinical Depression. On my first visit, I found that I was not sore as I usually am after riding a stationary bike. And when I left 15 to 20 minutes later, I found that I had more energy. My Cholesterol started at 220 then went down to 170. My cholesterol then went from 170 to 117; my blood pressure is now stable. Not only did my numbers go down but the added bonus is that I lost five (5) inches off my waist, two (2) inches on my arms and 1.5 inches from my neck. I was just amazed with my results, I had never had results like that in all the years that I've tried to lose weight, the pills, the gyms and even the starving of myself did I get results like this. It's easy, it's fun and it truly works." ...Laura, TN
"As a personal trainer, I signed 48 people up my first 3 months. I have had the local papers write about my success. This product is perfect for personal trainers." ...Brandy, TX
"We first tried 2 to and thought to ourselves, if they work half as good as the website says, we'll buy more. They actually worked better than the website said and we bought 19 of them, for all our locations." ...Ed, OK
"I lost over 70 pounds in 5 months. The first time I came in I could barely walk because of poor circulation and swollen ankles. My breathing was short and I felt terrible endurance has increased, the swelling in my ankles has gone down and I am walking better without losing my breath all the time. I lost 20 pounds and over 23 inches in the first 10 days." ...E.F., TN
"In the morning, my arthritis was so bad I could barely get out bed and to the gym. After 5 minutes on the StimuLight, my pain went away!"...Janet, FL
"From December 13th to January 3rd, I lost 12.6 inches and 6 pounds. It was absolutely amazing. After seeing the inches drop, I have had to recondition myself to not look at the scale as my total measure of success. It is amazing how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. By January 10th, a little less than a month, I was back in jeans that I have not worn in a year. I was totally taken aback. It is now February 5th and I have lost a total of 20.4 inches and 15.2 pounds. There is no way on earth to measure how I feel other than intense joy. Over 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I went through the training, testing, and monitoring for years. My doctor just recently told me that I no longer have diabetes. I am just amazed at all of the good things that have come out of this program. There has not been a single day that I have dreaded going to work out." ...J.W., TN
"I bought one for my tanning salon. I was curious to see if doing my exact same routine on the same treadmill but only adding the lights would make a difference. Not only did I increase my energy and endurance, I liked it so much that I bought one for my home"....Ron, FL
"We were so impressed with the results for ourselves and our clients, we want to become dealers" ...Dan, KY
"I lost 6 pounds and over 8 inches in my first month ...I feel great! I have a lot more energy & my endurance has more than doubled" ...Stephanie, KY
"We setup a new kind of med spa and designed our business around the infrared system. We plan to franchise the concept" ...Bob, MO
"In just a matter of 4 weeks, I have lost over 10 inches using the StimuLight system. I really enjoy the private room environment" ...Amanda, KY
"Total of 24 inches - unbelievable. Never once was I sore or hurting. I love doing this program! I'm a brand new woman already and have only just begun. I feel great! Absolutely wonderful! I wish the whole world knew how good and amazing this program is and how it makes you feel is unreal!"...Serena, TN
"I have Fibromyalgia and my doctor has recommended exercise. The problem is the next day, I'm in pain. This is the first time I could exercise without feeling pain." ...Mike, FL
"The StimuLight system really does what it says. My knees always ache when I work out, but now after my workouts, they actually feel better." ...Danny, KY
"I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I travel 30 miles one way just to use the StimuLight as the results have been unbelievable." ...Linda, FL
"I like that you can have a complete workout with great results in just 20 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. I noticed after just one month my clothes were fitting better, I had more energy, and felt better overall. My husband commented on how much less there was of me to wrap his arms around. I tell everyone about this program. I love it!!!"...Angela, TN
"I do love the way StimuLight feels on my skin. My sister likes it too! I think StimuLight is really amazing!" ...Sylvia, NJ
"I would say approximately 1/3 of the buyers are so impressed with the results that they want to become distributors or investors. We hear the comments 'I can't believe how well this works' or 'this is going to be the next big thing in fitness' repeatedly." ...Andrew, FL
"My goal was, and still is, to increase my resistance and to strengthen my legs. When I saw the ad, I thought that the program would be one that I could do because it requires only 20 minutes. I have tried other types of cardio, but I never stuck with them. This program is quick and really challenges you. It has also given me nutritional advice to help me eat the proper things in order to maintain a higher level of energy during my workout session. My resistance has increased 5 levels and I know that I will continue to increase that number!"...Barbara, TN
"After going to Physical Therapist for 2 months, my surgeon told me I would have to have knee surgery. I asked him if I could try the infrared and he said no problem, there are no negative side effects. Do you know that after about one month of using the StimuLight, my surgeon cancelled the surgery!"...Debbie, OK
"I normally run 3 miles 3 times a week. The first time I was on StimuLight, I did over 20 miles! The next day I wasn't even sore and did another 25 miles. I've never did anything like this before." ...Alexa, CA
"I have had multiple back surgeries and could not even walk across a mall without pain. Now I am doing 4.5 miles daily!"...Carol, FL
"Out of over 300 users, we have never had one customer not lose inches on the Stimulight." ...Sue, KY
"We had a 92 year old lady that the first time she did it, she thought she would only be able e to 10 minutes as she hadn't been doing cardio. She got on there and did 30 minutes her first time and couldn't believe how much energy she had." ...Ed, OK
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