Business Opportunities

Health Clubs, what if you had a device that costs around the price of a treadmill, shortens workout times, and could generate monthly fees higher than your entire gym does?

Rehab facilities, what if you had a device that caused vasodilatation, reduced blood pressure, increased flexibility, increased vascular conditioning, strengthened muscles, reduce pain, naturally stimulated HGH and reduced body fat?

Here is what StimuLight can do for your business:

Why Can StimuLight Be So Profitable For My Business?

Weight loss, faster workouts, anti-aging and pain relief are very valuable services and clients will pay more to use StimuLight then they will to use an entire gym. In other words, you can charge more for a 75 sq ft room than a 10,000 sq ft club! What you actually charge depends on many variables such as cost for other services, type of business, your demographics, etc. Rehab centers and spas can charge even more. We have customers that charge by the session, by the month, by annual contracts, etc.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT - $20/session 6 days wk
10 $200.00 $62,400
8 $160.00 $49,920
6 $120.00 $37,440
4 $80.00 $24,960
2 $40.00 $12,480
RETURN ON INVESTMENT - monthly unlimited
100 $49.95 $59,940
80 $49.95 $47,952
60 $49.95 $35,964
40 $49.95 $23,976
20 $49.95 $11,988

The Definition of Insanity is...

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right? So let us ask you a question. How far are new customers willing to drive to get to your business? If you are like most businesses, you have a limited geographic market you can draw from. You cannot change the number of people in your market, can you? The key is to offer more services so you can market to a higher % of your same market, right? Weight loss, fitness and spa services can be marketed to over 85% of the adult U.S. population. Plus, your customers will drive farther to use StimuLight if your competition does not have one.

Will We Assist You?

Our marketing is done through word of mouth so it is 100% in our interest to make sure you are happy! How do we do this? We have a helpline that is manned 7 days a week. We follow-up on every sale. We provide you a marketing kit that includes DVD, banners, brochures, and more. We will even update your website to include StimuLight on it if you like.

Is it Hard to Set Up?

Setting up StimuLight is easy. It comes almost completely assembled. Maintenance consists of changing light bulbs about every two years when they burn out.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, but once you find out the price, you may not need it.

Best of All...

You get to use StimuLight yourself!

People from all walks of life are concerned about health and fitness. Many become business owners and managers in the fitness industry. They want answers. They want solutions.

Stimu Light Weight Loss Exercise Equipment for Fitness:

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