Hälsatek Innovations and StimuLight

Hälsatek Innovations, LLC, was founded in 2006 to bring the world's best Near Infrared Exercise (NIRE) technology to the marketplace, improving the lives of the individual just starting to exercise, as well as helping health clubs and other fitness businesses build a superior experience for their customers, and reap the rewards.

Our flagship product, StimuLight™ is unlike other consumer or commercial gym equipment, in that it works in conjunction with your existing exercise equipment for weight loss, cardio fitness, high intensity training, and sport performance programs to add Infratherapy: the combination of Near-Infrared light exposure and cardiovascular exercise. This brings a remarkable array of benefits to those who use it, or offer it to their customers. We have rapidly become one of the largest suppliers of Near Infrared Exercise equipment.

At Hälsatek we like to think of you more like a partner than a customer. Your success is our success and we aim to exceed your expectations with our dedication to helping beginners, elite athletes, trainers, health clubs, and other fitness business owners achieve their dreams of vibrant fitness, beauty, and thriving success!

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