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What if you could shatter the limits of your fitness routine with shorter workouts and faster results? The same exercise for weight loss or fitness, lifted to a whole new level by the addition of a new type of commercial gym equipment that works without increasing the effort in your fitness routine?

Introducing StimuLight

StimuLight will supercharge your workout, allowing you to achieve exceptional results in less time, creating a powerful addition to your cardio or fitness exercise.

StimuLight is a unique light-wave energy system, specially designed to bathe you in soothing infrared rays while you exercise. The proven health benefits of infrared light combined with exercise have only recently been discovered, and the many potent effects include:

The combination of Near-Infrared (NIR) light exposure and cardiovascular exercise is called Infratherapy, and it's rapidly being discovered by the fitness industry as scientific studies continue to reveal its tremendous benefits. Tampa Bay area locations where you can see and try StimuLight.

StimuLight Is:

Safe. StimuLight does not emit Ultraviolet (UV) rays, it will not tan you, and you do not need eye protection.

Adaptable. You can use it with a variety of consumer or commercial gym equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc. You can purchase StimuLight with or without exercise equipment.

Cost Effective. It is virtually maintenance free, it uses minimal floor space, it is easily set up & moved, and it plugs into a standard wall outlet.

The benefits of near-infrared are real— independent research continues to prove it. StimuLight is a superior product and our price & versatility are unmatched by the competition. If you've wondered what you can do to take your fitness routine and business to the next level, StimuLight is the answer.

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